Other Pico8 Projects

Playable Demo

This is a collection of other smaller demos and experiments with Pico8.

Desert Driving

This demo uses spritestacking to create faked 3D cars within the performance constraints of the Pico8 engine. Use the arrow keys to drive.

Bacteria Growth Particles

This demo contains a simple spring-based particle system with basic repulsion and spring physics, combined with some simple growth rules, to create interesting emergent bacteria-like behavior.

Isometric Terrain Rendering

This demo was a test for an alternate method of rendering the terrain in the spellcasting game which I was working on, which would allow for the view to be rotated. It ultimately wasn't used, however, as the rotation of the view added little to the gameplay and too much to the controls complexity. Rotate the view in the below demo with the arrow keys.

Rope Simulation

This demo uses simple spring physics with some additional collision code to simulate a 2D rope. Use the arrow keys to control the rope.

Tweetcart Experiment

The concept of "Tweetcarts" is popular in the Pico8 community, where someone codegolfs a Pico8 project down until the source code can fit in a single tweet. This was my first Tweetcart.